Today is a really great day.

1. It’s Friday.  I love Friday.  Tomorrow is Saturday, and we’ll finally get to sleep with no alarms to wake us up.

2. I ran a delightful 6.25 miles with Shepard.  Help burn the truckloads of calories I consumed at Chuy’s last night on our date.  Yikes.

3. Got home from the run and found not one, but TWO magazines in the mailbox.  American Photographer and Southern Living.  Oh. Yes.  LOVE it.

4. I had dinner in the crock pot at 10:30.

5. I’m making grissinis.  Thin yummy breadsticks to go with our White Bean and Andouille with Collards soup.

6. We’re heading up to the gym in a bit. Micah is going to pump up his muscles, and Shepard and I are going to play in the pool.

7. One week until we leave for Tyler for our training weekend.

8. It’s the weekend!

I know, the tulips again. Well, they opened. And look at that really bright blue ring around the yellow. Beautiful. I love it.

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